Basic Clark Pump Troubleshooting Without Disassembly


Symptom: 0 Feed Pressure or Low Feed Pressure


1.Inspect Pressure Relief Valve O-Ring
2.Open Pressure Relief Valve and run for 30 seconds (in run manual if necessary). This will help bleed out air in the event of an airlock.
3.Check static pressure versus spec pressure (Static Pressure = Pressure with relief valve open, Spec Pressure = Nominal pressure for system model during operation)
4.Build and quickly release pressure by Brine hose restriction (attempt 5-10 times in succession). This can help reset stuck check valves.
1.Shurflo Systems
Kink until pressure gauge builds 120-125 psi, then release (see 1:48 in 
Shurflo Pump Troubleshooting Video). Pressure cut-out switch may engage if properly set to 125psi, which is normal.
2.Catalina and Newport 400s
        Slightly Kink hose or begin to close discharge through hull to build 130 psi, then release. Immediately release after a few seconds or any cavitation is heard (otherwise called, "unhappy pump sounds")

  WARNING: Catalina/Newport does not have a pressure cut off switch. Do not completely stop flow or build too much pressure as you can rupture fittings or damage your feed pump and/or motor.