MPC 3000/5000 Programming Software


Spectra Watermakers Communications Terminal

Software compatibility worksheet


There are three different versions of the Water Communications terminal;


Version 1.08 is compatible with A-19 to B-29 chips used on the MPC 3000 controls.


Version 1.11 has been replaced by 2.43


The Water Communications Terminal 2.43 is for the MPC-5000 and is compatible with all versions A-31 to A-40 and B-15 on up. 2.43 is also compatible with Windows 10.

In most cases, opening the "setup" file in the downloaded folder and following the on-screen prompts to download necessary file packages will yield a successful result. On MPC-5000, use a USB-B to USB-A cable (most commonly used with a printer) to physically connect to the circuit board. If you encounter a problem, see below for steps to take depending on your computer type. 


To load v1.08 on an XP machine – click on the SETUP.EXE file and follow instructions.



To load v1.08 on Windows 7 -

You will need Windows 7 pro (it will not run on the home version)

Open the folder of the version you want to use from CD or download the ZIP file from the website.

Right click on SETUP.EXE file

Scroll down to properties and Click compatibility

Choose XP emulation or compatibility


To load v2.43 software on a 32 bit machine follow the instructions in the MPC manual for A-36 is correct (pg.13) 



To load v2.43 software on a 64 bit machine.  

Click the link below, click download and follow the prompts to install the program. This is an enhancement to windows from Microsoft that allows .net applications (which is required to run the Water Communications Terminal to run on new PC’s.  This is a driver for MS Framework specifically for the 64 bit machines.  With this driver downloaded follow instructions as above (for 32 bit machines).