Z-Ion Operation – LED Status Lights & Pinout Info
  • Power-up indication – Fast red/green flash for a few seconds
  • Ready/Idle – Solid green
  • Generating (during a flush) – The LED will quickly flash at a programmed interval (factory set to 17 seconds between flashes) The flash color with alternate between green and amber and will be off in between voltage spikes. The color change symbolizes the polarity alternating from positive to negative.
  • Bad power – Fast red flash followed by shut down
  • High temperature – Fast red flash
  • Service/Cycle Counter Limit - Slow red flash


There are 7 pins on the phoenix connector from left to right (pictured below):
Pin 1 Supply Voltage-Battery ( + )
Pin 2 Ground
Pin 3 Trigger
Pin 4 Auxiliary Output 1
Pin 5 Auxiliary Output 2
Pin 6 To ion generator (bowl). No polarity.
Pin 7 To ion generator (bowl). No polarity.