PS40E Handle Assembly Replacement

The following parts below can be ordered together to replace a handle on a PowerSurvivor 40E: Please notate for preassembly on order, parts not intended for in-field assembly. PS 40E Handle "Kit" (1)8016216 Handle (1)8013395 Mount Support (2)8012991 Link (6) 8012976 Bushing (1) 8012992 Spacer (1) 8012993 Screw (2)8013392 Pin (2)8013393 Pin Key (1)8014134 Nut (2)8013017 Pins

Motor Issues

Motor or Drive issues The Bison motor on the PowerSurvivor units was not designed to be serviced. The only replacement part we sell for the motor is a new brush kit (8012649 BRUSH,35,40E,80E 12V KIT). In addition, people who take them to motor shops unfortunately rarely have success having them be rebuilt. With motor issues the typical proposed action is to: - Remove pump from motor drive unit. Run motor drive alone. - If amps rise and flip breaker, inspect drive. - If the d...

PowerSurvivor Troubleshooting Flow Chart

40E System Diagram

No Product/Air in System/New System

No Product/Air in system/Air in New System Air in the system can hamper output production, as well as diminish product water quality. The first thing to do is check the fittings and make sure the connections are tight on the entire system from start to finish: Thru-Hull to Prefilter (canister is on tight) to the pump. Any connections below the waterline should be double hose clamped. Once that is all thoroughly checked, we suggest you help prime the system and reduce initial air volume ...

Noisy 40E Remedy

Sometimes after normal usage wear & tear, a 40E can begin to make more audible noise during operations. If production is not impacted, the noise is likely nothing to be concerned with and may dissipate over time with more usage. Many times, taking apart and re-greasing the drive with grizzly grease can help if something is catching and causing the noise. Use the below guides as help to disassemble. Fully re-grease the drive and reassemble. If you are using grizzly grease, take care to keep it ...

Types of Lubricant & Functions

Types of Lubricant & Functions Silicone Grease – Can be used pretty much anywhere on PS40 as a lubricant Grizzly Grease – specifically for greasing the DRIVE. Do not get this in the pump as it can ruin a membrane! Heavy Medium Lubricating Oil – this is for replacing oil on an Oil-Filled drive

Membrane Replacement Options

40E Membrane Replacement Options If you have a repair seal kit (8012610) we suggest you install a membrane with this kit. You can disassemble the pump as you would in the repair seal kit procedure outlined in the manual. Once you see the back of the membrane you can just pull it out with a pair of needle nose pliers. The other option is to take it out of the end with where the product water hose barb is. This method is less involved. The below procedure needs to be followed very closely. ...

40E Motor Replacement Info

Replacement 40E Motor info: The replacement part number is: 8013402 40 12V MOTOR If you have an oil-filled drive you will have to replace or service this as it cannot be taken apart and put together. You will know if you have an oil-filled drive if you have pipe tape on the large plugs facing the membrane. You can also remove these plugs and see if oil is inside. With an oil-filled drive, you can replace the complete motor drive: 8013994 40 MOTOR/DRIVE 12 V KIT Or, replace the motor and...

Leaks from Back of Assembly

Leaking from the back assembly typically comes from a scratched piston or bad 8013013 seals. Recently Installed Repair Seal Kit If you recently installed a RSK, The 8013013 seals (flared seals) many times are not seated completely during the repair seal kit installation. When installing each one, be sure that they are down all the way by leading the thin edge of the seal with your thumb nail.