Tips for Performing a Manual Freshwater Flush:

Below are two workaround methods for performing a freshwater flush when operating a system in manual. The first method is intended for a one-off or infrequent manual flush. The second method is desirable when manual flushing will need to happen repeatedly over a longer period of time.

Method One ('short term' manual flushing):

  1. Close seacock.
  2. Fill a bucket with freshwater and connect service hose at the “to strainer” pigtail on the feed pump module (same way you would for pickling or cleaning as per the manual).
    • On a Ventura system, connect to service port on the feed pump module
  3. Remove 20 Micron Cartridge from filter housing, set aside
  4. Move 5 Micron Cartridge to filter housing you just removed the 20 micron from
  5. Move the Charcoal Filter from your Freshwater Flush module to the now vacant 5 Micron filter housing
  6. Run the system (preferably on service speed, if Catalina/Newport) pulling from your bucket of freshwater and allow the now dechlorinated freshwater to flush the system
  7. Repeat as needed to ensure brine discharge is below 1000ppm

If you have a source of already dechlorinated freshwater, you can skip steps 2-4. Note - chlorine contamination can ruin a membrane.


Method Two ('long term' manual flushing):

  1. Close seacock
  2. Close blue handle, stopping freshwater flow
    • On Ventura models, blue handle is not present. Turn off freshwater supply at source.
  3. Remove plunger from solenoid housing, per photos below (open pressure relief valve on Clark Pump ½ turn or so, so that system is relieved of pressure prior to taking off solenoid)
    • On Ventura models, solenoid is on feed pump module near outlet of clear housing
  4. Reinstall solenoid onto manifold without plunger in housing.
  5. Open blue handle, allowing freshwater to flush the system
    • ​​​​​​​On Ventura models, turn on freshwater supply at source
  6. Close blue handle at end of flush to stop flow once again
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​On Ventura models, turn off freshwater supply at source
  7. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Flush system with freshwater until brine discharge is below 1000ppm


Newport Freshwater Flush Solenoid Disassembly/Plunger Removal: