No Product/Air in System/New System

No Product/Air in system/Air in New System


Air in the system can hamper output production, as well as diminish product water quality.


The first thing to do is check the fittings and make sure the connections are tight on the entire system from start to finish: Thru-Hull to Prefilter (canister is on tight) to the pump. Any connections below the waterline should be double hose clamped.

Once that is all thoroughly checked, we suggest you help prime the system and reduce initial air volume by prefilling the filter canister all the way with seawater before running the system again.

Problems like this can also occur if your boat's thru-hull is bobbing in and out of the water and sucking up air.


If this does not help your issue, a 'Bucket Test' can be helpful since it removes the thru-hull and prefilter from the equation. Take a bucket of seawater and allow some time for any suspended sediment to fall to the bottom. Run the system directly from the bucket, bypassing the thru-hull & prefilters. If the system works like this, we know the issue lies with air entering somewhere between the thru-hull & prefilters. Refer to our PowerSurvivor 40E troubleshooting chart for additional assistance