Motor or Drive issues


The Bison motor on the PowerSurvivor units was not designed to be serviced. The only replacement part we sell for the motor is a new brush kit (8012649 BRUSH,35,40E,80E 12V KIT). In addition, people who take them to motor shops unfortunately rarely have success having them be rebuilt.

With motor issues the typical proposed action is to:

  • Remove pump from motor drive unit. Run motor drive alone.
    • If amps rise and flip breaker, inspect drive.
    • If the drive is oil filled you must get the drive service kit (8019114) if you plan on opening it up.
  • If nothing is coming on at all it is likely a motor issue. You can remove the drive from the motor and see if it will run independently. Again, removing an oil filled drive will need a drive service kit to be re-installed.


If the motor will not run independently, it will most likely need to be replaced. See