Alpineaire Foods

Are your products certified Non-GMO?

Most of the ingredients that go into our products are Non-GMO, however we are not currently offering a Certified GMO Free product. We recognize the benefits and advantages of offering a Certified Non-GMO product line. We utilize hundreds of ingredients from many trusted suppliers and we have begun to move forward with supplier questionnaires to determine exactly which of our raw materials may have been genetically modified. Identification is the first step, then we can decide if there are alter...

Why are sodium levels so high in your products?

Our products were originally designed to fit a high-performance lifestyle, replacing some of the sodium lost during heavy exertion. However, we understand today's concern regarding high sodium and we have adjusted our recipes on a few low sodium ingredients and have lowered sodium levels in many of our products by 50%. We are always looking to making improvements to all of our products to reduce sodium.

Are your products freeze-dried or dehydrated? Which is better?

Our products are made using a combination of freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients. When developing recipes, optimal taste, texture and cost are considerations for best use. Expensive ingredients like meats, asparagus and other costly vegetables used are generally freeze-dried. Other ingredients such as apples or onions actually taste better dehydrated. By utilizing both freeze-dried and dehydrated products, we offer products that taste fresh once they are reconstituted. Besides tasting better...

What are "proper" storage conditions?

For optimal shelf life it is best to store the products in a cool, dry environment and avoid hot temperatures.

How do I read the date code on your products?

Pouch: Pouches have a readable “Best By” date located in one of two places on the pouch. • Press embossed into the top seal area of the pouch • Ink jetted on the back of the pouch near the back label. There have been many variations of this formula used in the past. If you are unable to decipher the date code on a product please contact us and we will be happy to assist. Gourmet Reserve Cans: We are currently ink jetting product information and manufacturer production date using the Julian...

Are there factors that may affect the preparation of my food?

There are many things that could affect the time it takes for you to prepare your meal, the most common issues are temperature of water and cooking at high elevations. While we recommend adding boiling water to your food, sometimes it isn’t always available, or you may not have a source to heat the water. You can prepare AlpineAire meals using cold water, however you will need to wait an additional 20-40 minutes for your food to properly re-hydrate. If you are preparing meals at high altitud...

Does our meat have U.S.D.A. approval?

Yes! Our plant is under daily federal inspection and meets all legal requirements for packaging beef and poultry. Our USDA Establishment Number is 8132 / P8132.

How long will the food last?

Most pouch products will store 5+ years in proper storage conditions. Our Gourmet Reserve cans have a conservative shelf life of 10+ years for products containing dairy ingredients (milk, cheese, sour cream, eggs). We recommend rotating these items at 10 years. Gourmet Reserves products that do not contain dairy ingredients have a shelf life of 20+ years.