What separates Trek’n Eat from conventional instant foods?

Meals from Trek’n Eat are created with quality freeze-dried ingredients, and thus maintain most of the food‘s natural vitamins and minerals. All Trek'n Eat meals are labelled with the "All Natural" sign indicating no preservatives, no colorants and no flavor enhancing additives. 

Meals are based on a value of around 600 calories per package to cover the increased energy consumption during sports activities. Trek'n Eat meals are available in waterproof resealable standing pouches and are quick and easy to prepare.

Freeze-dried meals shouldn‘t mean boring, so Trek’n Eat takes your mealtime and ups the enjoyment another notch. Choose from meat, seafood, vegetarian or vegan, plus desserts and snacks. Packaged with love and care, the meals deliver:

  • The taste of real food

  • Simple, convenient preparation

  • Speedy, fuel-saving cooking

  • Resealable, waterproof, stand-up pouches

  • A three-year shelf life

The Trek‘n Eat product range consists of meat and fish dishes, soups, vegetarian meals, vegetables and other diverse nutritional items from breakfast to dessert. Trek‘n Eat meals are used as special nutrition by many expeditions (for example by Arved Fuchs or Robert Peroni).

Freeze-dried foods are used around the world by expeditions, sailing voyages and outdoor activities.