Troubleshooting Steripen: How to?

If the Steripen does not function properly, first consult the operating instructions. It is specific to the product in question and contains all the information necessary for correct operation.

Common mistakes to avoid are as follows:

  • Incorrect battery type. (Alkaline batteries are no longer recommended as most models lack the necessary energy for initial ignition).
  • Batteries not inserted correctly (orientation plus/minus poles).
  • Batteries supposedly new / not charged ( -> Countercheck with battery tester or multimeter).
  • Battery cover was screwed on in the wrong orientation (observe markings on cover and housing).
  • Contact points of the battery / housing are corroded (rust, patina) or bent.
  • Internal battery not charged long enough / slow USB connection (check charger specifications with manual, use other charger / cable).
  • Internal battery not charged for a long time (danger of deep discharge as with any other battery).
  • Steripen immersed too early / removed from water too early.
  • Safety pins for detecting water not constantly covered with water.

Steripen products can unfortunately not be serviced, therefore no spares are available aswell.
If there is any uncertainty whether there is a defect, we will be happy to help.