Troubleshooting Optimus: How to?

If the stove does not function properly, first consult the operating instructions. It is specific to the product in question and contains all the information necessary for correct operation.

There is no gas / liquid fuel coming:

  • For gas (perform tests outdoors only):
    • Check whether the cartridge is screwed on flush with the shaft of the valve thread.
    • Check whether the valve is open, if so, try unscrewing it completely. Is gas escaping?
    • Unscrew nozzle (Nova / Polaris / Vega only) and check if blocked. Blow through & reinsert. Repeat test.
  • For liquid fuel (perform tests outdoors only):
    • Check whether the on/off valve is open.
    • Check if there is enough pressure on the bottle, perform approx. 20 (full) to 40 (half full) pumping strokes.
    • Close the valve on the stove, check whether the nozzle is dirty. Unscrew the nozzle with the tool, check visually, blow through and reinsert. Repeat the test.
    • Check the filter on the fuel hose of the pump, replace it with a filter from the spare parts set.


No pressure can be built up in the liquid fuel bottle:

  1. Is the valve on the pump (On/Off) closed? -> Close the valve.
  2. Is the pump screwed on correctly and is a seal visible between pump and bottle? -> Replace sealing ring and repeat test.
  3. Can the tappet be moved without resistance? -> Stretch the pump leather slightly by moving it forwards and backwards or replace it and repeat the test.


Gas cannot be ignited:

A phenomenon mainly known to users of the Polaris. A little practice may be required at the beginning, but the Polaris can generally be lit with all fire sources (kindling, lighter, fire steel, etc.). If you have difficulty, we recommend a storm lighter (blue flame). This not only guarantees that the fire will light on the cooker, it is also windproof and the "flame" always shoots straight out, which also makes it easy to use. With a normal lighter - no matter how you hold it - the flame always points upwards and there is a risk of burning yourself or heating the metal cap.


Flame burns only partially / on one side:

Possible causes are a clogged nozzle or a bent baffle plate.

  • Nozzle (Nova / Polaris / Vega only) can be unscrewed and cleaned.
  • Baffle plate (Nova / Polaris only) can be bent to shape or replaced.


Flame burns yellowish:

A very yellowish flame indicates a reduced oxygen supply or the stove was preheated for an insufficiently long time during operation with liquid fuel.

  • Check to see if anything is blocking the path of the gas-oxygen mixture between the nozzle and the stove.
  • Possible culprits: spiders, bugs, spilled food. (Yes, insects are no joke but a rare reason).


Gas / liquid fuel leaks in place that is not designed for it:

Please contact our customer service team directly via contact form. We will then check together in detail where exactly the problem occurs and how it can be fixed.