Troubleshooting Mobile Waterfilters: How to?

If the water filter does not function properly, first consult the operating instructions from your manual. It is specific to the product in question and contains all the information necessary for correct operation. The following assistance will allow quick & reliable identification of the potential cause.

The water filter is not sucking water:

Check blockage (due to silt, sediment, etc.) or leakage (crack, hole, connection) at:

  1. Pre-filter on suction hose
  2. Suction hose
  3. Check valve

The water filter is delivering no/few drinking water:

  1. Check if water is being sucked in (observe water movement in suction hose).
  2. Check if filter element(s) / activated carbon is heavily contaminated.
    • If applicable, clean with recommended means or replace element(s).
    • For customers with BeFree, see here.
  3. Check for leakage.
    • If applicable, check seals and regrease with supplied silicone grease.

The water filter appears to be leaking water:

  1. Check if all seals are intact, if so apply generous food-grade grease to seals & threads.
  2. Re-order new seals and replace the old seals. Apply food-grade grease generously here as well.
  3. Check if threads show any defect or wear, disassemble filter and clean components, check again.

The drinking water remains colored or has a strange taste:

  1. During the first few liters after initial use, there may be ceramic dust and/or activated carbon dust. Continue pumping until no more particles from these two materials are flushed out.
  2. Otherwise, add activated carbon filter to improve taste. Natural colorants and flavors dissolved in the water cannot be removed by pure pore filtration, but they do not affect the degermination.

The filter is very strict:

Care must be taken here. If the outlet is blocked or the filter goes excessively strict because clogged by dirt particles, this can lead to damage due to excess pressure inside or to damage due to strong leverage during pumping.

  1. All filter elements as well as activated carbon must be checked and cleaned or replaced according to instructions.
  2. All seals must be checked and regreased or replaced.