My BeFree Filter Membrane is clogged, what can I do?

The BeFree EZ-Clean Membrane™ consists of a large number of hollow fibers with a pore size of 0.1um. The filter is very popular because of its excellent flowrate performance.

Unfortunately, every now and then a filter becomes clogged and/or flow is severely restricted. It is not always possible to clarify what the reason is and at some point, even with this filter, the point is reached where it must be replaced. But before that, here are a few tips on what the cause might be and what you can do:

Important: To be on the safe side, perform the filter function test described in the manual after each treatment!
Decreased flow:

Fill flask with water, push some water through filter membrane until it drips out the front, wait 1/2h. Hollow fibers contract as they dry out and gradually expand again when in contact with water. Repeat if necessary. If that does not help, perform the following cleaning steps. It may be useful to fill the Flask 1/2h before each trip/application to allow the hollow fibers to expand. The water can then be replaced at the first point of application.

Microbiological contamination:

For disinfection, dissolve 1x Micropur tablet per 0.6-1.0L flask, swirl, press a little through the filter membrane, allow to act for 1h, repeat if necessary. Dispose water afterwards.

Mineral contamination:

Fill the flask with demineralized¹ water, press a little through the filter membrane, allow to act for 1h, check again. Repeat several times at shorter intervals for best results or if necessary.
Vinegar should not be used, it could permanently damage the filter.

¹ Alternative product names: Distilled water, distillate-like water.