My Hiker won’t draw water. How can I fix that?

The Katadyn Hiker / Hiker Pro are designed to remove bacteria and protozoan cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. To extend cartridge live, always use the best water source available. Keep the intake prefilter clean and off the bottom. In heavy sediment conditions,
wrap a coffee filter or bandanna around the intake prefilter. Where possible, place fresh water in container and wait for sediment to settle out until water
appears clear - then filter from water above the sediment. Maintain your Katadyn water system to keep it operating smoothly.

If handle is hard to  push: Lubricate pump handle o-ring. Silicone lubricant is provided with your new unit. Remove handle collar and handle. Clean excess build-up from black rubber o-ring on bottom of handle. Place a small amount of silicone lubricant all the way around the o-ring. Re-assemble. Clogged cartridge. A clogged cartridge requires replacement. As a temporary solution in the field, remove the cartridge and swish it around in water.
See Filter Cartridge Capacity & Replacement for cartridge removal. Take care that fresh water does not contact the cartridge output barb. If flow is not restored, replace cartridge.

If unit pumps easily, but no water flow: Make sure prefilter is submerged. Make sure that hoses are not blocked or pinched. Clean check valve. Occasionally, sediment may enter pump body and prevent check valve from operating properly. This may cause lack of water draw. The check valve can easily be cleaned to restore maximum water output. Remove the cartridge. Fill the pump housing half way with water, swirl around and discard
water. Fill the housing half way with water again and reinstall cartridge. Pump slowly to get water started and resume normal pump rate when flow has begun.

Prefilter: Rinse the prefilter in water to remove any particles that may be caught in the strainer. For a more thorough cleaning, remove the prefilter from the input hose and clean with water and a soft brush. Reassemble. Apply a small amount of silicone lubricant to the strainer barb to ease assembly. The prefilter is functional with or without the weight. To use without the weight, remove the strainer barb from the input hose. Re-assemble without the weight.