What is energy recovery?

Our unique pressure amplifiers capture the high pressure from the brine waste stream that would normally be vented to atmosphere to help pressurize the seawater entering the system. The Clark Pump and Pearson pump are two of Spectra’s unique technologies. The Clark Pump is a pressure amplifier with built in energy recovery and the Pearson Pump is a piston pump with built in energy recovery. The beauty of these technologies is in the simplicity of their design; by recycling the high pressure brine waste stream to help pressurize the seawater coming into the system, this allows our systems to use a low pressure feed pump in order to generate the 600 -1000psi (45 – 69Bar) required inside the membrane to separate pure water from seawater. Even better, these watermakers use so little power they can run off solar, wind, an inverter, or batteries, and are almost silent.