Why would I want a reverse osmosis desalination watermaker?

Peace of mind, fresh and safe drinking water. Unlimited supply of fresh drinking water around the world. With a Spectra, run your watermaker on renewable energy. On a yacht, keep stainless from pitting and corroding with fresh water washdowns. At Spectra Watermakers, we create products that make life simple and easy, and we believe in saving you time and power. With the push of a button you can have fresh water for drinking, cooking, showering, laundry, and if you’re on a yacht, fresh water wash downs. The Spectra brand is synonymous with innovation in desalination technology, and our unique hydraulic pumps mean your watermaker will be quieter and more energy efficient than anything else on the market. Our 20 years of experience has led us to build a trained worldwide service network, so that you’ll have customer support around the globe.