Helpful Reference Documents

Parts ID Manual

See link below for our most comprehensive parts identification manual to date.

Full list available here:

Commonly Confused Part Numbers

See link below for PDF for download!

Newport 24V to 12V Motor Replacement Guide

See attached PDF for a comprehensive guide on swapping a Newport 24V motor to the replacement 12V motor along with adjusting the PWM motor speed controller.

System Manuals


Wiring Diagrams (Current Production/Newer Builds)

Ventura - Spectra Connect Newport/Catalina DC - Spectra Connect Newport 700/1000 AC - Spectra Connect - AC Tech (USED THROUGH MID-2020) Newport 700/100 AC - Spectra Connect - KBVF Drive (CURRENT PRODUCTION VFD) Farallon 1800/2800 - Spectra Connect Older wiring diagrams accessible via:

Salinity Probe Replacement Guide

See below for a reference table regarding which probe to use in the event yours needs to be replaced. The two probes available are: - EL-MPC-SP (commonly called 'SP1') - EL-MPC-SP4 See bottom of page for photos of each probe. SP2 & SP3 probes are discontinued, obsolete, and not available for purchase. All Spectra Connect systems use the SP4 Probe. The easiest way to determine your MPC board's chip number is seen right on the display panel. It will say 'Spectra Watermakers...

2022 Diversion & Freshwater Flush Solenoid Replacement Guide

Filters, Housings, O-Rings, & Wrenches Chart

Filters, Housings, O-Rings, & Wrenches Guide:

Wiring Diagrams (Older)

See PDF link at bottom of page for full download. MKII-Z wiring diagrams attached individually. Current wiring accessible via:

Solenoids, Sensors, Valve, etc. Replacement Guide

See attachment at bottom of page for higher resolution PDF.

Pump & Motor Sizing Guide

Pump & Motor Sizing Guide:

Motor Speed Controller Expected Values

Attached chart is helpful for determining malfunction in a motor speed controller based on its expected values for the trigger wires & motor output. Note that the color coding and terminals can vary depending on system model & generation. Refer to a wiring diagram to confirm your setup. See & for further details. NP, CT Connect Syste...

Ventura Basic Troubleshooting - Expanded