Each Certiman product is for a specific surface

Professional allround care

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the vehicle is not only pleasing to the eye of the owner, but also the perfect way to pro­ tect the vehicle from losing value. Travelling in all weather leaves its traces. Road grime, de­icing salt, acid rain and UV radiation react constantly with the paint. It is not rare to see stone chips or small scratches caused by grit. Due to the external factors and damage to the paint, the vehicle is prone to corrosion and thus rust. This is why the outside of camper vans, RVs and caravans requires special care that ensures their surface will continue to shine.

If you wish to protect your vehicle, you will have to clean it regularly. With a range of perfectly matched products, certiman® gives you all the help you need.

For a start, we recommend a thorough clean of the vehicle with CaravanElixier and FliegendreckEx, which removes insects and other tough residue.

For severe soiling, RegenstreifenEx makes for an in-depth clean.

Especially in case of weather-beaten, older and tarnished paint, we recommend that you follow up with an additional step. certiman® NanoTec Siegelpolish lends new colour intensity and intense deep gloss to dull, scratched paint.

Those who want to spare themselves this step can use certiman® Duo Shampoo & Wax to be on the safe side. It carefully cleans painted surfaces and its carnauba wax gives them a new shine while also protecting the clear coat.

You should be careful when cleaning the sensitive acrylic glass windows of caravans, campervans, RVs and yachts. certiman® AcrylglasFinish guarantees this gentle care. With a little physical work and the appropriate specialised product, your vehicle will shine in all its glory during its next trip.