Hygiene tips for travelling

Hygiene tips for travelling

When travelling to many countries, special precautions should be taken to avoid sickness from microorganisms in food and especially water. Many countries still fertilize with human excrement, making it important to follow a few tips to avoid getting sick.

  1. Order your drinks without ice, if you are unsure that the ice is germ-free.

  2. Drink only industrially bottled beverages. “Open” or unsealed bottles could be filled from a contaminated source.

  3. Order your food well-cooked. Avoid raw or slightly cooked food, seafood, mayonnaise, ice cream, butter, etc.

  4. Avoid eating food from street vendors.

  5. Only eat fruits, raw vegetables, or salads if they were washed with germ-free water. Otherwise, you can wash them yourself with disinfected water.

  6. Avoid raw milk. Pasteurized milk is safe to drink.

  7. Fruit juices with high sugar content are an ideal medium for bacteria to grow. Only drink fruit juices if the fruit, blender, and anyone’s hands in contact were hygienically cleaned.

  8. Fresh hot coffee and tea are safe beverages. Beer and wine are also typically safe. Note: Alcoholic beverages do not disinfect bacteria already in the stomach.

  9. Brush your teeth with germ-free water. Even a small sip of contaminated water can cause diarrhoea.

  10. Always use germ-free water when taking medicines. Diarrhea is not only uncomfortable; it could also affect the impact of the medicine (i. e. tablets).

  11. Don’t bathe in tropical surface water.

  12. Wash your hands regularly, especially after using the toilet and before contact with food.

  13. Always use clean towels.