How to Clean your Water Tank



It’s hardly news that access to drinking water is vital. And yet, most people totally underestimate the importance of drinking water hygiene while travelling. Especially in the summer months, it is essential to pay attention to drinking water quality. Blazing heat, in particular, requires us to drink adequate quantities of water – and this should, of course, be free from bacteria and germs. A thorough cleaning routine in both spring and autumn is an impor­ tant prerequisite. certisil® and certinox® are perfect companions to ensure a quick and easy cleaning, hygiene and disinfection process.


1. Step: To clean container

For each litre of tank content dilute 1g each of certinox® TankRein in 10 litres of warm water and pour this into the empty tank. Fill the tank completely and open all water taps to ensure that certinox® TankRein reaches the pipes too. Let the pump work for a short time, before switching it off again. Please keep all nozzles open to avoid the formation of air pockets. Exposure time of certinox® TankRein: 8 – 10 hours. Then empty the fresh water tank completely through shower, sink and washbasin. In case of old, tough deposits, the process should be repeated.


2. Step: To remove limestone and odour

Before filling it in an empty water tank, dilute certinox® TankFrisch in warm water (10 g certinox® TankFrisch for each litre of flush volume). Briefly open the taps to ensure that all pipes are flushed. Then leave it to react for about 1 to 2 hours. Repeat this 1 or 2 times for each tap. Then flush with fresh water.


3. Step: Drinking water disinfection and hygiene

In case of poor drinking water quality, e.g. in Southern or Eastern Europe, the drinking water you add should be disinfected before use. To do so, add certisil® combina. Before drinking the water, leave it to react for at least 30 minutes.

If the quality of the drinking water is good, e.g. in Central, North and Western Europe, it is sufficient to add certisil® argento. Exposure time before consumption: minimum 2 hours.