Micropur Conservation & Disinfection

Is there a difference between Micropur Classic & Micropur Forte?

Yes, there is a difference in the contents of the products. Micropur Classic is just for storage, using silver ions for preservation, while Micropur Forte is also for purification since it has chlorine and other treatment agents in addition to silver ions.

How do I get rid of the chlorine taste in water treated with Micropur Forte?

For that purpose we offer a specific product called Micropur Antichlorine MA 100F (product number 8013705). This product neutralizes the chlorine and returns a natural taste to the water.

Does Micropur have an expiration date and where do I find it on the package?

Yes, Micropur does have an expiration date. Micropur Forte & Micropur Classic: You can find it printed on the bottom or the side of the package. There is also another number on the product; this is the so-called Lot Number, which has nothing to do with the expiration date. Micropur MP1: The expiration date for the 20 and 30 packs of Micropur MP1 tablets can be found on the very thin underside of the plastic on the packaging. It is printed on the white instructions. It can also be found stamp...

Is it safe for pregnant women and babies to use Micropur?

You should of course consult with your physician since we cannot offer medical advice. Our safety information could be of help to you. You can find that in our Download area on our home page at www.katadyn.com (http://www.Katadyn.com/). You and your physician can use this information to make a decision that’s best for you.

What kind of containers or bottles are suitable for use with Micropur?

Micropur can be used without hesitation with man-made materials or plastic containers and bottles. However, we do not recommend using it with aluminum or stainless steel metal bottles.

I have ingested an overdose of Micropur. Will this make me sick?

A one-time overdose will not make you sick. Getting sick from it normally stems from an ongoing ingestion of excess Micropur over a longer period of time. This can cause illness.

I have had Micropur in my drinking water for six months now. Can I add a new dose of Micropur to the water I have already treated for the next six months?

No, we recommend you use up the water you have already treated, refill the containers with fresh water, and then treat that water with Micropur anew. As background: The silver ions in treated water can still have a residual effect. Another treatment of the same water within six months could result in an overdose.

Can I also use Micropur to treat drinking water for my pet?

Micropur was developed as a treatment for drinking water for human consumption. Thus, we do not have any test results for any other purpose. We cannot therefore say exactly what the effect of Micropur on pets would be.

Can I use Micropur Forte as an aid in disinfecting fruits or vegetables?

Theoretically this could be possible since the skin would be totally disinfected with the Micropur Forte. Still, we need to note that this product was developed for use with water for drinking and has only been thoroughly tested for this purpose.

I would like to treat my well because testing revealed coliform bacteria. Which product do I need and how do I use it?

If you want to do a one-time basic chlorine treatment and purification of your well, then we recommend you use Micropur Forte since this has disinfecting properties. The product must be allowed to react with the water for approximately 2 hours for proper disinfection and purification. After that, the coliform levels should be drastically reduced. Note: Since groundwater can enter a well anew at any time, such a chlorine treatment does not last forever. Thus, the level of coliform bacteria can ...