Optimus Stoves

What does the date on my Optimus gas cartridge mean?

The date printed on the cartridge is the production date, i.e. when it exactly was produced.

Why does my Nova stove not work right above an elevation of about 4,000 meters?

The use of a stove above 4,000 meters can cause a number of problems. Combustion can function irregularly due to the low oxygen supply. Thus, select your fuel carefully and always make sure there is enough air around the stove during use. The use of liquid fuel and white gas at higher altitudes can be a problem since these fuels evaporate while still in their liquid form. Good quality liquid petroleum is normally suitable for use above 4,000 meters.

My Nova isn’t working the way it should and the flame isn’t performing satisfactorily. What could the cause be?

- Incorrect fuel - Fuel supply line blockage - Check to see if the ON/OFF switch is completely open and if enough pressure is being generated

Where can I find parts for my older Optimus Stove (Svea 123, Hunter 8R, Hiker 111, etc.)?

Optimus offers parts kits that contain a few components compatible with older models. Another resource is http://www.base-camp.co.uk/Optimus.html

What brand LP Gas Canisters can I use with my Optimus Stove?

Optimus canister stoves are designed for LP gas canisters with a threaded valve certified to the EN417 standard. This number must be printed on the canister to be certified. It may be hazardous to attempt to fit other types of gas canisters.

Can I burn alcohol in my Optimus liquid-fuel stove?

Optimus liquid fuel stoves DO NOT burn alcohol. Please refer to the owner’s manual for your stove for specific fuel type capacity.

Can I leave my fuel pump in the bottle?

Transporting fuel from location to location while leaving the fuel pump assembly is possible, however pressure should be released from the bottle prior to packing away. If the fuel bottle is stored outside of pack, consideration should be taken for the now exposed pump assembly.

What’s the difference between the Nova & Nova+?

The Nova+ has the same capabilities and features of the Nova stove, but with the added feature of integrating the fuel control valve into the fuel line. The Optimus Powerline, as it is called, provides precision flame control and keeps hands further away from the open flame for safer cooking.

What are the fuel names in other countries?

Depending on which country you are in, different names are used for the different types of fuel. This document is designed to help you find the right fuel for your stove – wherever you are.

Why is my Optimus Nova/Nova+ leaking at the fuel hose?

Following product observation and quality assurance measures, Katadyn Products Inc. 2009 announced a voluntary recall of the Optimus Nova and Optimus Nova+ Multifuel Expedition Stoves: A fine edge left over from tooling of the quick-action coupling and of the ON/OFF fuel supply valve of the pump may have caused the O-rings to wear prematurely. Also, the O-rings used in the fuel hose and in the ON/OFF valve on some stoves expanded in certain kinds of fuel. Some Nova stoves had fuel hoses which we...

Why is it hard for my liquid fuel stove to prime and light?

- Fuel Bottle is not pressurizing. Make sure the gasket on the pump assembly that contacts the fuel bottle is not worn. - Fuel restriction delivering fuel to burner. This could be caused by a dirty fuel filter, which would need to be replaced. Keep the burner jet clean by sliding the magnetic end of the multitool under the burner to force the cleaning needle through the jet. You can also scrape clean the soot residing on the flat side of the cleaning needle by using your fingernail. The burner...