Why is my Optimus Nova/Nova+ leaking at the fuel hose?

Following product observation and quality assurance measures, Katadyn Products Inc. 2009 announced a voluntary recall of the Optimus Nova and Optimus Nova+ Multifuel Expedition Stoves: A fine edge left over from tooling of the quick-action coupling and of the ON/OFF fuel supply valve of the pump may have caused the O-rings to wear prematurely. Also, the O-rings used in the fuel hose and in the ON/OFF valve on some stoves expanded in certain kinds of fuel. Some Nova stoves had fuel hoses which were not completely crimped and could get detached. These failures can cause fuel leakage and thus pose a fire hazard to consumers.

The following products were affected by the recall:
- Optimus Nova Multifuel Stove (Art. No. 8016276, Serial No. QA 000011-007313)
- Optimus Nova+ Multifuel Stove (Art. No. 8016277, Serial No. QA 000011-007313)
- Optimus Pump for Nova and Nova+ (Art. No. 8017904)

All affected Multifuel Stoves have a black burner housing and a QA No. between QA000011 and QA007313. Nova and Nova+ Stoves with a silver burner housing do not have any QA No. and are not affected by this recall. The recalled stoves and pumps were sold at outdoor and sporting goods retailers or on the internet between January 2009 and September 2010.

The affected pumps have a green ON/OFF fuel supply valve and a green handle at the pump plunger. No other pumps are affected by this recall.

If your stove is affected by this recall, please contact our customer service. We will then contact you and inform you about the next steps.