Why is it hard for my liquid fuel stove to prime and light?

  1. Fuel Bottle is not pressurizing.  Make sure the gasket on the pump assembly that contacts the fuel bottle is not worn.
  2. Fuel restriction delivering fuel to burner.  This could be caused by a dirty fuel filter, which would need to be replaced. Keep the burner jet clean by sliding the magnetic end of the multitool under the burner to force the cleaning needle through the jet. You can also scrape clean the soot residing on the flat side of the cleaning needle by using your fingernail. The burner pipe and control valve spindle are covered in soot and need to be cleaned. This can be accomplished by removing the control handle and using a cotton swap with mineral spirits to clean out the pipe.     
  3. Insufficient priming.  Turn off stove and after stove has cooled, repeat priming process.
  4. Wrong fuel or bad fuel. Important note: Never mix your fuel types in the same fuel bottle.