What are the installation requirements?

A dry, well-ventilated area below 113 deg F. Easy access to pumps and controls and a dedicated thru hull. The system should be installed in a dry location with good ventilation and easy access to change the cartridge filters.  Access to the pumps and MPC 5000 control system (if applicable) should be considered prior to installation.  The intake thru hull must be installed in a location that will not be exposed to the air in heavy weather, behind stabilizer fins, or directly behind the keel.  Never share a thru hull with other equipment or permanent damage will occur.  The maximum ambient temperature for the membrane is 113 deg F (44 deg C), so it is not recommended that you install the membrane and pressure vessel in the engine room if it can be avoided.  If a system is equipped with booster pumps, they must be installed below the waterline.  In general keeping all pumps as low in the boat as possible, with short hose runs, will reduce the wear and tear on your system.