System Stalled Alarm

The error code, “SYSTEM STALLED” comes when your product water flow reading (measured by Rotoflo meter) is 0 when the system thinks it should be making water. After 1 minute of not making product water the system will “Restart” and try again. It will do this one more time before it reads, “SYSTEM STALLED.” This can be cleared by cycling power. Once power is back on you can bypass the purge process by selecting "No" on the popup message on the Spectra Connect display, or by clicking in the Auto Store and Stop button simultaneously on the MPC display.


A few quick things to ensure upon getting the alarm are:

a) Pressure Relief is Closed (if open, system will stall)

b) Intake through hull is open (if closed & starved of water, system will stall)

c) Discharge through hull is open

A way to confidently check your flow is to open your pressure relief valve and flip the run manual toggle switch. You should see water discharging overboard.

d) Air getting into the system. The two easiest way to clear air from the system is to run the system in manual with the pressure relief valve cracked open 1/2-1 full turn for a minute or two. Performing a freshwater flush can also help.  

e) Rotoflo (product flow meter) is disconnected, thus providing a reading of 0 gph to the board. (if so, reconnect)


To troubleshoot this fault alarm, it's important to identify the following:

  • Is the alarm legitimate, or false? For example, if you pull the product tube off the end of the membrane, is there truly no product water being made? If there is no product water, that would be considered a legitimate fault alarm.

    • If water is indeed being produced, the sensor itself is likely faulty or there is a wiring issue.


Before checking the more detailed troubleshooting methods below, you should read and understand the “Manual Operation” section of your owner’s manual.

Other things to check out when running the system in “Run Manual.”

*Motor/Pump not pumping* – Is your feed pump/motor coming on? Before we consider making product water, we must be able to successfully intake and discharge seawater. If you do not see water moving overboard, check for adequate voltage at motor leads when the system run manual toggle switch is engaged. For systems with a speed controller (Catalina/Newport), check outer two MTR output posts on speed controller (see Adjusting DC Motor Speed via PWMA for help identifying that if unfamiliar)

*Jammed flow meter* – During normal operation, you should see the transparent flow meter spinning as freshwater is being made. If you have confirmed that you are making water but your flow meter is not spinning you can disassemble the flow meter and jump-start the propeller by blowing through it or turning it with a wire or paperclip. See bottom of page for photo.


*If you are making product water and have inspected the wiring from the flow meter to the circuit board (continuity, correct landing terminal, etc.), your rotoflo must be malfunctioning and needs to be replaced*


NOTE: Only disable the fault alarm IF YOU ARE CERTAIN THE FAULT IS DUE TO A ROTOFLO FAILURE. If unsure, please review article. If further help is needed to identify this, contact a dealer or factory support prior to disabling any fault alarms. Irreparable system damage can occur if legitimate fault alarms are disabled. 

MPC: Once you have confirmed you are making water and this is a false alarm you can bypass this alarm on MPC 5000 systems by disabling the “AIRLOCK” in your system settings. You can follow the “Programming from the Display” section of your manual or view some tips from the below video

Programming From the Display Video (MPC)

SPECTRA CONNECT: Menu > Fault Alarms > Fill in bubble next to "system stalled" to disable. 


Rotoflo Meter: