No Water To Tanks, Display Indicates Production

Follow this guide if you are getting a green light indicating the system is producing good water, but nothing is flowing to your tank

During operation, it is possible for diversion valves to malfunction due to a hardware failure or may become physically stuck due to corrosion build-up or other debris. This generally occurs with the Alcon, ECI, or Spartan Diversion valves after being in the field for many years.

1) Verify water production prior to diversion valve manifold

Disconnect product tube coming out of membrane before it goes back into the manifold, check for production. See bottom of page for photo. Consult 'Manual Operation' section of manual.

2) If water is in fact being produced, problem lies with diversion valve or circuit board.

3) Refer to wiring diagram to verify power output to diversion valve (generally at DVLV terminal)

On 12V system, DVLV should output ~12V for 0.5-1 second after green light engages to snap open diversion valve, then drops to 17-20% available power to sustain being open (generally 2 volts or so)  

If you verify you have proper power going to the solenoid, and it is not allowing flow to tanks, take apart and clean. It is possible the plunger rod is a bit corroded and stuck in place, so it cannot open even when it gets voltage to do so.

See if the plunger rod can freely move (it has to retract in to allow flow to the tanks when your green light goes off).

If stuck you can try to clean up with a wire brush or similar tool, and even soak the non-electrical parts like the plunger rod in vinegar if badly corroded. Then reassemble and check operation.


If power output from circuit board is correct, plunger rod has been disassembled, cleaned, and can freely move, diversion valve should be replaced if still not working. Refer to below linked guide, consult an authorized dealer, or contact factory support for part number for an appropriate replacement:

Retrofit Burkert Diversion Valve Upgrade Kit

Diversion/Flush Solenoid Replacement Guide

To get product water as a workaround for the interim, you can disconnect the product tube anywhere before it hits the diversion valve manifold and route that into your container/tanks (making sure to test with a handheld PPM meter or taste test first). Your owner's manual has a section titled 'Manual Operation' which is a helpful resource for this.

Model may vary slightly from below photos, but concept is the same.





Switching between Manual and Automatic production mode on pre-Burkert diversion valve systems:


Current production Burkert diversion valve systems include a manual override button, no plumbing changes needed to produce in manual. Left is Newport series, right is Ventura/Catalina: