How to bypass the Purge Mode:

Whenever the control power (12 or 24 volt DC) has been shut off, the system will prompt you through the purge mode when it is turned back on as a safety measure to protect your system. This will display as "Open Pressure Relief Valve Now".

Purge Mode prompts the operator to open the pressure relief and then runs seawater through the system for 20 minutes to clear away the chemicals. Normally, during periods of disuse the MPC will remain powered up so that it can do the five day flush cycles, and no storage solution will be present.

If the control power has been interrupted but the system is not filled with storage solution, Purge Mode can be bypassed by tapping the two left hand buttons, AUTO RUN & STOP, at the same time. If successful, the display will read PURGE MODE BYPASSED. 10-15 seconds later it will advance to the usual idle screen.

The buttons must be pushed at exactly the same time. You can’t hold one down and then push the other. Once you bypass the Purge Mode you can run the system in any mode. If it starts to run, press Stop and try the two buttons again upon returning to the "open pressure relief valve now" screen.