PowerSurvivor 35 Repair Options (DISCONTINUED)

PowerSurvivor 35 Repair Options


The PowerSurvivor 35 has not been manufactured for more than 20 years now. The only replacement parts that are available are a membrane (8012793 MEMBRANE KIT 35/40/80) and a modified Survivor 35 Repair Seal Kit. Factory rebuilds are not offered for PowerSurvivor 35 systems.

The Survivor 35 Seal Kit and its instructions were designed for both the PowerSurvivor 35 and the hand operation 35.

(1)8013053 35 REPAIR SEAL KIT / 604375130531

However, since the PowerSurvivor has been discontinued for over 20 years, a few parts of the kit have been removed. We suggest you also order:

(1)8013013 68 O-RING

(4)8013012 67 O-RING

Finally, the kit comes with two bushings, 8012966 and 8012967. We suggest you do not replace these and instead re-use the ones from your pump. Particularly the 8012966 as you will see it is a different size.