Membrane Replacement Options

40E Membrane Replacement Options

If you have a repair seal kit (8012610) we suggest you install a membrane with this kit. You can disassemble the pump as you would in the repair seal kit procedure outlined in the manual. Once you see the back of the membrane you can just pull it out with a pair of needle nose pliers.

The other option is to take it out of the end with where the product water hose barb is. This method is less involved. The below procedure needs to be followed very closely.

  1. Run the system with the pressure relief valve up for 2 minutes
  2. Move the valve to the alternate intake and allow air to run through the system.
  3. The system has now been relieved of pressure and the spring clip should be able to be removed
    1. You may want to remove the hose barb to make this easier. You can re-install this with Teflon tape
  4. Once the spring clip is removed we can use the pump to push out the tube plug
  5. Turn the pump, with the relief valve still open, change the intake back to seawater
  6. As water makes its way to the membrane the tube plug will pop out.
    1. CAUTION: If the relief valve is closed or seawater is used the pressure will be so great that the tube plug will forcefully project out of the body.
  7. Once the plug is out, water will start gushing out of the open body so be prepared to cut power or remove the intake line from the water
  8. Pull the membrane out, and replace.


If you have recently installed a repair seal kit or your pump is new, you can use an easier spring clip-less method.

  1. Remove the six bolts in the back of the check plate


  1. Remove the Check Plate assembly. Be sure to not split the seam between the body and back plate as this will expose the piston rod.

  1. If necessary pull the tube plug out of the back of membrane.
  2. Using needle-nose pliers, grab the plastic crossbar of membrane and pull it out. If possible, do not put pliers on center tube of membrane.
  3. Install new membrane (make sure that large quad seal is on the opposite side of the membrane from the product nipple)
  4. Ensure that tube plug is in check plate with its hole at the 12 o'clock position.

  1. Put check plate back on and tighten in cross pattern as shown in step 1