Survivor 35 Service Schedule

Survivor 35 Service Schedule

Similar to other lifesaving equipment, these units have a regular service schedule, specifically one year. That is, every year they should be stored with a fresh storage solution once they have been tested with real or simulated seawater (product quality, output, no leaks). For units used in regulated environments, we have a more detailed testing procedure that involves Katadyn testing equipment and pre-calibrated solutions.

Units that have not been serviced for 4+ years typically need a new membrane.

Organizing a factory service is done through an authorized Spectra Watermakers distributor, see link below.

Based on long-term testing and the material of the unit (plastic), if the unit is older than 12 years (from date of manufacture on inspection card) we recommend that the unit be replaced.  After this length of time, the plastic body can become compromised and the internal parts may fail.  Older, unmaintained units present a liability in the field when they are suddenly needed during an emergency situation.

Katadyn will not perform a factory service on units manufactured over 12 years ago.