Spares Kits & Accessories

8012607 Preventive Maintenance Package
An expanded cruise kit which includes all components of the Extended Cruise Kit, plus a Silt Reduction Kit. This kit is strongly recommended for extended cruising and variable water conditions.

8012859 Silt Reduction Kit
This kit is intended to protect the high pressure pump and reverse osmosis membrane from excessive exposure to silt and other suspended particulates. It should be used in brackish water, shallow water, inland waterways, areas of glacial runoff and other similar situations. The Silt Reduction Kit includes a 5-micron prefilter which follows the standard 30 micron filter supplied with the watermaker. Also included is a 1 amp boost pump to ensure adequate intake flow to the watermaker.

8012606 Extended Cruise Kit (Recommended)
Includes items needed for regular care and seasonal maintenance and/or storage. Contains (1) Repair Seal Kit, (1) container Acid Cleaner, (2) containers Alkaline Cleaner, (1) container of Membrane Preservative and (6) 30-micron prefilter elements.

8012610 Repair Seal Kit (Recommended)
A set of all user-serviceable seals and parts for the high pressure pump. This kit also includes replacement gear oil for the drive assembly. A Repair Seal Kit should be installed after each approximately 1000 hours of use.

Cleaning & Storage Chemicals
8013608 Acid Cleaner (8 oz.) (1)
8013615 Alkaline Cleaner (8 oz.) (1)
8013609 Membrane Preservative (8 oz.) (1)