How is Spectra different from other watermaker brands?

Hydraulically driven pump is quiet and extremely energy-efficient. Run on solar power, wind power, inverter, or batteries; no generator necessary. 20 years in the desalination industry and 30 in marine service with support you can count on. Spectra has spent years developing our patented high pressure intensifier pump technology with integrated energy recovery that allows us to create the high pressure required for RO based desalination, using a low pressure pump that will operate off your boat’s 12 volt battery. Our unique technology allows us to produce pure water using less than half the energy required by conventional RO systems, which means our systems can work off standard 12v DC solar or wind driven power systems. Because the pump is hydraulically driven, it’s quiet with minimal vibration. After 30 years in the Marine Industry and over 12,000 systems sold we understand the onboard environment, so we engineer our equipment be robust, efficient and reliable and we offer unmatched after-sales support.