Katadyn Mobile Water Filters

What does the printed number on the activated carbon package mean?

The printed information is the production date, noting when the product was manufactured.

I have had my ceramic filter for a few years. Can it still be used?

To determine this, take the ceramic element out of your filter casing and look to see if there are any cracks or holes. If there are, then please do not continue to use the element since there is a risk that pathogens can get through the ceramic and therefore into your drinking water. If there are not any cracks or similar defects, then you can continue to use the element. Use the measuring tool it was shipped with to check to see if the thickness of the ceramic is still suitable for use. To do ...

How do I choose a filter?

Which filter is the best for you comes down to several factors: - How many people will use the filter? - How often will the filter be used (daily, weekly, monthly)? - Where will the filter be used (Europe, Asia, globally)?

What is filtered out by a ceramic filter?

Our ceramic filters remove bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, spores, sediment and viruses in connection with a particle size of 0.2 microns or larger.

What's the difference between the Katadyn Combi and the Katadyn Combi Plus?

The difference between the Katadyn Combi and the Katadyn Combi PLUS is in the accessories included. We offer the Katadyn Combi PLUS with an additional attachment that allows direct connection to a water faucet. This allows direct filtration of household water without manual pumping.

I cannot remove my Hiker cartridge; cartridge is stuck.

You can use the grooves on your Hiker/Hiker Pro handle shaft to help unscrew the filter cartridge. To remove the handle, pull off the c-shaped clip that holds the handle in place. Once the c-clip is off, you can pull the handle shaft out of the body of the water filter. Use the deepest, middle groove on the handle shaft; put it over the “crosshairs” of the top of the Hiker/Hiker Pro filter cartridge. Grasp the handle assembly while still on the crosshairs and use it to give you more torque while...

My Hiker won’t draw water. How can I fix that?

The Katadyn Hiker / Hiker Pro are designed to remove bacteria and protozoan cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. To extend cartridge live, always use the best water source available. Keep the intake prefilter clean and off the bottom. In heavy sediment conditions, wrap a coffee filter or bandanna around the intake prefilter. Where possible, place fresh water in container and wait for sediment to settle out until water appears clear - then filter from water above the sediment. Maintain yo...

What is the difference between the Ceradyn and the Gravidyn?

The Ceradyn is a ceramic-only water filter that will remove not only sediment/debris from your water, but microorganisms like protozoa and bacteria down to .2 microns. The ceramic elements will last for approximately 39,000 gallons depending on your water quality. The Gravidyn has the same ceramic with the addition of carbon in the core of the elements. Once activated with water, you have 6 months before you need to replace the Gravidyn elements due to the shelf-life of activated carbon. The ca...

Do Katadyn cartridges fit any older PUR water filters?

Yes, the Katadyn Hiker Pro cartridge (art #8014644) will fit the PUR Hiker and Voyageur water filters. The Katadyn Guide Pro cartridge (art #8013628) will fit the PUR Guide and Scout water filters.

Does activated carbon expire?

If in its sealed package, there is no expiration for activated carbon. If the packaging has been opened, however, then we recommend you use it within a year. If the activated carbon has already been used once, then it should be used completely within six months.

How do I assemble Hiker Pro quick connect fittings?

If you are going to use your fittings to connect into a hydration bladder, you will need to splice your output hose into two pieces (following the instruction sheet that comes with your Hiker Pro). After splicing, put the male connector on the hose that is directly attached to the output of the Hiker Pro cartridge. Insert the female coupling onto the loose piece of hose; you can now quick-connect those hoses together. Insert the other male connector piece into the other end of the hose with the ...

Which cartridges will fit my Base Camp Pro/Gravity Camp?

The following filter cartridges are compatible with the Base Camp Pro/Gravity Camp water filters: Ultra Flow Replacement Cartridge (art #8019168) Upgrade Kit (for Katadyn Camp/Base Camp Filter) (art #8019246)—this will turn your existing Base Camp (art #8010655) or Camp (art #8013637) into the new Gravity Camp System Hiker Pro Replacement Cartridge (art #8014644)—this requires a Base Camp retaining ring to adapt your new gravity system to the older-style Base Camp Siphon Element (art #112007...

My Vario is leaking - where are all the o-rings that need to be cleaned and lubricated?

The Vario has eight o-rings that need periodic maintenance. There are four o-rings around the pistons on the pump handle. There are two small o-rings around the top cap of the pleated cartridge, one large o-ring around the main body of the Vario, and one large o-ring on the underside of the ceramic disc. All of these o-rings need to be clean and lubricated to ensure a proper seal and proper function.

Can I also filter seawater with my ceramic filter?

No, our ceramic filters are only made for use with fresh water and thus cannot filter seawater. If you need to filter seawater, then we recommend our desalinators. These can also be found on our website, www.katadyn.com (http://www.katadyn.com/), under Desalinators.

I have a very old Katadyn Pocket Filter and I need a new ceramic element. Are those still available?

Yes, we have them since the size of the Pocket Filter hasn’t been changed over the years, you can still use our current ceramic element even in older Pocket models.

The appropriate replacement element can be found on our website, https://www.katadyn.com/en/ch/243-8013619-pocket-ceramic-replacement-element



How do I know when I need to replace my cartridge (pleated & ceramic)?

A pleated cartridge has reached the end of its filtration life when it becomes physically very difficult to pump water through. A ceramic cartridge needs to be replaced once it has been scrubbed down to a circumference too small to be effective; you would use the supplied measuring gauge to determine the time to replace your ceramic.

How do I store my water filter after my trip?

Please follow the Long-Term Storage instructions in your user manual. For pleated filter cartridges, you would mix up a bleach-water solution of 2 tbsp of bleach to 1 quart of water; pump through the entire water filter (including hoses) and then remove the filter cartridge and allow everything to thoroughly air dry before putting away. For ceramic elements, pump a quart of clean water (tap water, distilled, etc) through your entire water filter (including hoses). Remove your ceramic element an...