Programming From the Display (Definitions & How to Access)

Programming From the display


To enter Program Mode the system must be in Standby Mode. If the system has been de-powered recently you may need to bypass the Purge Sequence by pressing Auto Run and Stop at the same time.

To enter Standby Mode, press the Stop button from any other mode. The display will read SPECTRA WATERMAKERS A-XX. To have the watermaker running during the programming process, start the machine using the run manual toggle switch on the control box. The watermaker will run but the controls will be in standby mode.

To Enter Program Mode push and hold the Stop and Alarm/Displ buttons at the exact same time, holding them down for 4 seconds, after which the display should read “System Units.” If the display doesn’t read System Units, try again.

After entering Program Mode the buttons on the display will have different secondary functions as follows:


  • Alarm/Displ: Scrolls through the various programming windows.


  • Stop: Selects the digit in the Rotoflow meter calibration constant window to be changed. Has no function in other windows.


  • Auto Run: Changes the selected parameter down one unit per push.


  • Auto Store: Changes the selected parameter up one unit with per push.


To Exit Program Mode: Press and release the Stop and Alarm/Displ buttons simultaneously. The control will automatically revert from Program Mode to Standby Mode if no buttons are pressed for 40 seconds.

You can also check out the below youtube video which goes over the process.

SYSTEM UNITS: Select Imperial (gallons, PSI) or Metric (liters, bar) by pressing Auto Run or Auto Store.

FLOW SENSOR TYPE: Select Rotoflow with the Auto Run or Auto Store buttons.

PRESSURE RANGE: For the Newport’s 0-125 PSI pressure gauge, select

DISABLE AIR LOCK: THIS IS A SAFETY SHUTDOWN. SELECT NO. Do not select YES unless the system is shutting down on a “System Stalled” alarm due to a failed Rotoflow meter.

DISABLE PREFILTER: THIS IS A SAFETY SHUTDOWN. SELECT NO. Select YES only if you are getting a FALSE “Service Prefilters” alarm.

DISABLE PRESSURE: THIS IS A SAFETY SHUTDOWN. SELECT NO. Select YES only if you are getting a FALSE “High Pressure” alarm.

DISABLE SALINITY: Factor default is NO. This function allows you to run the watermaker in the event of a salinity probe, probe cable, or salinity sensing circuit failure. If you get a “Salinity Probe Failed” alarm or the salinity reading cannot be properly calibrated using the Salinity Cal function, select YES to continue making water. WARNING: When ”YES” is selected the diversion valve will be energized whenever the watermaker is running and all product water will be sent to the vessel’s water tank regardless of its quality. If salinity is disabled, test the product water carefully and regularly.

Note: As long as any of the above functions are disabled, the red LED next to the Alarm/Displ button will flash.

PPM THRESHOLD: Set this parameter to the desired salinity level to reject the product water. The diversion valve will send water to the water tank when the product parts per million is lower than this set point and reject the product overboard when the salinity is higher than the set point. Factory default setting is 748 PPM.

LOW VACUUM LIMIT: Set point for the maximum allowable pressure drop through the pre-filter. If the inlet pressure reading drops below this point the unit will alarm “Service Prefilter” and shut down. This set point is in absolute pressure, and determines the “Replace” end of the Prefilter Condition bar graph. In most cases this parameter should be set to 10.

                LOW VACUUM LIMIT not used on Ventura models or MPC 3000 upgrade models.

DIFFERENTIAL LIMIT: This function compares the pressure reading from the two pressure sensors (red and green) on the 20 and 5 micron filter housings to determine the pressure drop across the filters. The left hand number on the display is the real time pressure differential and the right hand number is the maximum differential set point. If the pressure drop across the pre-filters exceeds the set point the system will alarm “Service Prefilters” and shutdown. Factory default is 10 PSI.

DIFFERENTIAL LIMIT not used on systems with prefilters in clear bowls upstream of the feed pump (Newport’s and Catalina’s)

PRESSURE LIMIT: If the pressure at the feed pump discharge exceeds this set point the unit will shut down and alarm “High Pressure.” The left hand number on the display is the real time feed pressure, as read by the sensor (marked red) on the feed pump output. The number on the right is the high pressure limit.

Factory default for the Ventura models is 125 PSI.

Factory default for the Catalina models is 130 PSI.

Factory default for the Newport 400 model is 150 PSI.

Factory default for the Newport 700-1000 model is 250 PSI.

FLOW CONSTANT: The flow constant calibrates the product flow reading. The number on the left is the real time flow reading and the number on the right is the flow constant. The flow constant is set by selecting the desired digit to be changed by pushing the Stop button until the digit to be changed is flashing. Push Auto Run to decrease the value or Auto Store to in-crease the value. Then select the next digit to be changed with the Stop button. The flow constant is most easily adjusted with the watermaker running with the switch on the control box set to Run Manual. Measure the product flow using a graduated container and a stop watch. Adjust the flow constant until the flow reading matches the measured flow. The flow reading is heavily dampened and will take some time to stabilize after changes are made to the constant. The factory default setting is 25000.

SALINITY CAL: This window is used to calibrate the salinity sensor. The number on the left is the real time salinity reading and the number on the right is the calibration setting. Increase the setting to raise the reading. The factory default setting for Newport models is 60. See Salinity Probe Calibration for details.

INLET OFFSET: This parameter calibrates the boost pressure sensor found on the intake manifold of the feed pump (marked yellow). The number on the left is the real time pressure reading and the number on the right is the offset. The reading can be increased or decreased by putting a positive or negative number in the offset setting. Factory default is 0.0.

OUTLET OFFSET: Outlet Offset calibrates the sensor on the outlet of the feed pump which is used to determine feed pressure (marked red). The number on the left is the real time pressure reading and the number on the right is the Offset in PSI or bar. Factory default is 0.0.

BRIGHTNESS: The brightness may be adjusted from 0 to 4. Factory default is 0.

FLUSH DURATION: This parameter sets the length of the fresh water flush in minutes. Factory default is 5.

PUMP ON TIME: Sets the length of time, in seconds, that the feed pump will cycle on during a fresh water flush. Should be the same as Flush Duration. Factory default is 300.

PUMP OFF TIME: Sets the time in seconds that the flush valve is open, but the feed pump is not running. This function is not used on Newport models, so factory default is 0.

FLUSH INTERVAL: This is the time in days between automatic flushes when the system is in Auto Store mode. The Flush Interval is programmed in days, but the Flush Interval Timer will count down in hours. Factory default is 5 days; 30 days with the optional Z-Ion.

CLEAN PRESSURE: This should be set to one whole number below the pressure seen at the inlet sensor when the system is running with brand new pre-filters. After installing new filters, run the machine by flipping the toggle switch on the MPC box to RUN MAN. The number on the right is adjusted to be one whole number lower than the number on the left, which is the inlet sensor reading. This parameter sets the “Clean” end of the pre-filter condition bar graph. Factory default is 15.

CLEAN PRESSURE not used on Ventura models or MPC 3000 upgrade models.